Old Layout
New Layout


For some time I have been planning a new layout for my Märklin HO setup. Inspired by layouts I found in an old Märklin Catalog from 1984 (see pictures below) I decided to minimize the actual decoration and landscaping to a few buildings, bridges and trees and focus on a more operations oriented simplified structure.




The following has to be taken into consideration:

  • The available space is close to 20M2 (4M X 5M)

  • I am using Märklin C-track only

  • The layout will be fully digital and computer controlled (Intellibox and WinDigiPet)

  • The layout should consist of minimum 3 levels (0, 150 and 300MM) with a maximum incline of 4.5%

  • The style of the layout will be crushed oval/dogbone

  • Approx. 40% of the layout should be more or less hidden (shadow stations)

  • All traffic will be restricted to "right-hand-side" only

  • As the layout is fully digital no catanaries will be used

  • Up to 8 trains with up to 6 passenger coaches should be able to run simultaneously (1.840MM)

  • Era III and early IV - Germany/Denmark



Use navigation to see the results so far, and please fell free to comment or come with suggestions to improve the layout.


The construction can in addition be followed at